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Monthly Archives: June 2016

    On this day…

    By Deborah Mason-Rogers | June 30, 2016

    On this day in History: June 30 1520 Montezuma II is murdered as Spanish conquistadors flee the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan during the night. 1857 Charles Dickens reads from A Christmas Carol-his first public reading. 1859 Jean Francois Gravelet aka Emile Blondin, a French daredevil, becomes the first man to walk across Niagara Falls on... Read More

    Did you know?

    By Deborah Mason-Rogers | June 29, 2016

    Did you know the last time the USA had zero national debt was January 8, 1835. Did you know,unless food is mixed with saliva you can’t taste it. Did you know,rabbits like licorice. Did you know, dreamt is the only word that ends in mt. Did you know,the first letters of the months July through to November... Read More

    On this day…

    By Deborah Mason-Rogers | June 24, 2016

    On this day in History… On June 24, 1901, the first major exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s artwork opens at a gallery on Paris’ rue Lafitte, a street known for its prestigious art galleries. The precocious 19-year-old Spaniard was at the time a relative unknown outside Barcelona, but he had already produced hundreds of paintings. The... Read More

    We’re half way to FRIDAY!

    By Deborah Mason-Rogers | June 22, 2016

    I love Wednesdays. They are so close to the weekend you can taste it but not so close that you have to rush to get work done before the weekend comes! Wednesday is the perfect day! When I was little my mom would wake me and my sister up every morning and tell us what... Read More

    A faster way to save…

    By Deborah Mason-Rogers | June 21, 2016

    When you’re young and living paycheck to paycheck, savings or savings accounts are not things that even cross your mind. But hopefully, now that we’ve all grown up a bit.. we should start putting some money away. It could be for a vacation, a car, a home, or even an emergency fund.. just in case.... Read More


    By Deborah Mason-Rogers | June 1, 2016

    Everyone uses credit, right?  Nether good or bad we all rely on that little safety net, sometimes not knowing when and if we can pay it back.  Necessity, a word, that for all of us has a different meaning.  Here are some facts I found (I implore you to research further) about credit use. Excessive... Read More