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7 Ways To Make The Offer On Your Dream Home More Personal…

  1. Flattery.. it can get you somewhere after all! Let the seller know you are speaking from the heart. Tell them what you loved most about the home, try to make it personal. Not only does this butter the seller up, but it shows them that you really took your time in inspecting the home. If you loved the shade of pink they painted the 2nd bedroom, tell them! If you noticed their collection of teapots, mention it.
  2.  Don’t be too long-winded. Keep it short and sweet. A few compliments but don’t make it so long that the seller will loose interest. Three or four concise paragraphs that include what you like about the house and neighborhood should suffice.
  3. Oh yeah, maybe don’t mention that you want to tear down that random wall in the middle of the house… or you hate their decorative shrubbery in the garden. We’re trying to win them over remember?
  4. SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!! Grammar might not be a big deal to some people, but the majority of people I know, hate bad grammar. Proper punctuation and spelling makes a letter easier to read.. plus you want them to think you’re super smart right?
  5. Add a picture or video. This day and age, everything is visual. Reading might not be there favorite thing to do. A picture of your family is a great personal touch, a short video introducing yourself and your kids might be cute and fun!
  6. Include an important document… Maybe the pre-approval letter? or a letter from your lender signifying pre-approval and confidence in your financial ability.
  7. Sign it with thanks… not literally. You want to end your letter with a warm and fuzzy sentence. Show your appreciation and thanks for the seller taking their time to read your letter and consider your offer. People love to be thanked, especially for things that weren’t too hard to do !

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