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8 Things Realtors Do “Behind Your Back”

Ok, that sounds bad.. but if you’re wondering what your agent is doing when they aren’t showing you houses or holding open houses at your newly listed home.

  1. They shop property online: Realtors are just like you! They browse new properties at 2 in the morning on a Saturday night.. but instead of looking at Zillow, or Trulia… they have super special access to a website exclusive to Realtors. Listings come and go fast, so agents check their listing service database constantly or else they’d miss out on something you might love.
  2. They go out in the world and prospect: There’s nothing like seeing a house in person.. so Realtors spend some time driving around looking for listings! Some homes aren’t on listing sites.. so they hit the streets. Seeing a house in person with your own eyes doesn’t compare to your smart phone screen. So if you Realtor calls you excited about a house she’s standing in front of and “you have to see” GOOOO!!!!!
  3. They attend classes and marketing meetings: Agents don’t spend all their time looking at homes, for the listing side of their job, Realtors have to keep up to date on the latest marketing strategies and technology.
  4. They spend A LOT of money on marketing: Realtors don’t get paid til the deal is done. Seller agents spend their own money on marketing your home and getting their own names out there.
  5. They write offers! & counters, and addendum’s and…: Offers and counteroffers are important for any transaction, they can save you thousands on a deal with a simple counter to the contract.
  6. They make the sale go smoothly, flattening out all the bumps in the road to your new home: Not every sale goes smoothly, usually there’s something that happens that your Realtor has to fix or negotiate. If you have a good agent, they will shield you from the drama and you probably wont know about any bumps in the road!
  7. They keep you calm: Good agents don’t just sell assist you in buying and selling a house, sometimes they can be therapists too. People get emotional and an agents job is to keep a positive attitude and come up with solutions.

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