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All These Random Things Add Up…(& affect your home’s value)

Most factors are obvious, but there are some weird ones that can affect your home’s value. Let’s find out what they are!

  1. The name of your street: People typically prefer the street they live on to have a name versus a number & that’s usually true nationwide. According to a survey, people think street is “less expensive” and boulevard sounds pricey! I have seen buyers say no to a home based on the street name a few times, its not too common but some people are picky!
  2. Every heard of house numerology? Yeah… I hadn’t either. Apparently it’s common for people to add the numbers up in the address and judge the home based on the end number. So if the address is 1219 Main St. Add 1+2+1+9=13. 13, ten 1+3=4. But some buyers are superstitious and would take that 13 as a bad sign. I think this is absolutely ridiculous… but hey! Who knows.
  3. Sketchy Neighbors: I know this one to be true. The closer you live to your neighbor, the more important it will be for you tastes, habits and personalities to vibe with theirs. The last thing a buyer wants is to walk into a condo and hear the neighbors screaming at each other, or blasting Metallica. If you’re trying to sell a house, it will be a lot harder to sell the house next door to those people who have their Halloween decorations up all year long… or have that huge scary dog that only they know is harmless. I know, you dont have much control over the neighbors. Just be aware they might be the reason for the low offer on your home.
  4. Mature Trees: Most home developers cut down most or even ALL the trees on a property to build homes. Mature trees almost always enhance property value. Go to your local nursery and ask what types of trees do best in your climate. I think buyers love mature trees because it shows some pride of ownership from you as the seller. If a buyer can tell that you love your home and your landscaping, that you put time and love into it… they are more likely to see past other little flaws in the home.
  5. Crown Molding: If you are repainting your home to create a calming environment for buyers, don’t forget the crown moldings! Crown moldings are one of the first things buyers notice in a room. Everyone loves high ceilings, but if you don’t have those, fake it with some crown molding.
  6. Personalized paraphernalia: Some people go a little crazy with their hobby’s.. but I recently heard of a house that had Yankees carpet… Yankees carpet!!!!!!!!!! That would definitely scare me off as a buyer. Maybe you have a room dedicated to your cats… cat curtains and all. Consider making your home a little more “plain”. The less personal the home is to you, the more buyers can imagine their own stuff inside! Yankee carpet would definitely decrease value.
  7. Starbucks!: If you live next to one of those, your homes value automatically increases. Same with Trader Joe’s & Whole Foods.
  8. Death….: In most states, the seller has to disclose if there was a death on the property.. which can be a deal breaker for some buyers. If there was a death in the home, it is considered “stigmatized” from then on. I really hope this doesn’t happen to you, if it does and a death disclosure inst a requirement in your state, you legally do not have to disclose the information. Some would argue that telling the buyers if they ask would be the right thing to do though.

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