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Beat Cold and Flu Season at Home

Everyone is back to staying cozy indoors. You’ve might have noticed that with everyone in closed office doors and all the kids back to school, cold and flu season is once again upon us. Once germs infest your home, they typically take a turn in each member of your family. To get your crew through until spring’s fresh air, here are eight ways to keep your home safe from germs:

1. Set (and keep) a cleaning schedule. Our first and best defense against germs is to keep a clean house. Of course, on top of your work and school schedule, home cleaning duties can be overwhelming. To make sure you’re not feeling like every Saturday must be devoted to cleaning your house from top to bottom, set a cleaning schedule where you tackle a task or two each day. This way, cleaning your home will be less of a chore—and more about keeping out germs that can make you sick.

2. Change your air filters. This chore is on every seasonal home maintenance task list out there. Though it might seem unnecessary at times, changing your HVAC system’s filter can help keep you safe from harmful germs. So, instead of dreading this regular home maintenance task—just make sure you do it on time each quarter. 

3. Circulate the air in your home. In winter, there can be a major lack of fresh air in our homes. Combat stagnant air by continuing to run your ceiling fans throughout the season. This will help improve your indoor air and keep those flu and cold germs from settling in your home.

4. Increase indoor humidity. Speaking of improving your indoor air quality in winter, make sure you invest in a humidifier for your home. The moisture in the air can help prevent sinus infections and other germs from manifesting.

5. Start spring cleaning early. Home cleaning tasks like vacuuming and dusting are easy to remember on a weekly basis. However, did you know that regularly wiping down your blinds and ceiling fans can help to prevent germs from finding a resting place in your home? Instead of saving these tasks for spring cleaning, tackle them before the warmer season arrives.

6. Always put the toilet seat down. Here is an easy defense against flu and cold germs—and any other germs for that matter. Simply keep your toilet seat down. Lowering the lid before you flush and when your toilet is not in use will help keep germs away from you and your family members.

7. Look at light switches, doorknobs, and remote controls. From your smartphone to your remote controls to doorknobs and beyond, so many things in our homes involve our touch. Take a look at your bathroom light switch for instance. You might be surprised at how much dirt and dust can compile in such a small area. Make it a habit to wipe down any devices, doorknobs, and other hand-friendly parts of your home.

8. Wash your hands. It’s advice that probably has come from every parent out there. Routinely wash your hands to prevent them from collecting and spreading any germs throughout your home. The advice is no different during cold and flu season. Step up hand-washing efforts around your home to help keep germs out.

The moral of this healthy home story? Give your home a little extra TLC – cleaning, maintenance, and care – to be sure you and your family stay germ-free for the remainder of cold and flu season. A healthier season will be here in no time at all!

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