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  • If a home doesn’t fit your needs in any of these categories, move on.

If a home doesn’t fit your needs in any of these categories, move on.


Home shoppers these day see dozens of homes before making an offer, and probably a few more before one sticks.

If you’re new to this whole home buying thing, be on the lookout for things about the home that you can’t change. These things will impact the homes value in the long run and let’s be honest.. impact you!

Here are three serious things to think about before you make an offer on a home:



Unless you plan on taking the home off its foundation, you can’t change location.

If a home is on a busy intersection, across from a shopping mall, or within earshot of the freeway, take a step back. That home will always appraise lower than any other home in the neighborhood.

Unless you’re willing to sacrifice to get into the neighborhood of your dreams, keep looking. Once you find that perfect location, nobody can ever take that away from you.


Floor plan

A house with a small kitchen closed off from the rest of the house is much less desirable today than a large one that opens up to the family room or den. Open floor plans are much more desirable nowadays. An open floor plan will appraise for more.

If you are thinking of knocking out that road block of a wall that separates the kitchen from the living room, think again. Modifying the layout of a home comes with so many obsicals that most people dont consider. Architectural drawings, laborors to knock down the wall safely and most important: beams to carry the wider ceilings and weight of the roof.

Major renovation ins’t for everyone, especially if you have to live in the space while it’s going on.

If you’ve fallen in love with certain aspects of the home, but a particular part of the floor plan is flawed, you’d better move on.


Lot placement

Antique homes built centuries ago are known for being sited right by the road, and typically on busier roads. Why? Because back in the day most people walked or took a horse-drawn carriage, so it was easier to be closer to the street than at the back of the lot.

Fast forward 300 years and some buyers, while in love with the unique history and charm of an old home, prefer the privacy and quiet of a home set at the back of the property.

Homes on corner lots, or a flag-shaped lot where you need to drive past your neighbor’s house to get to yours, can also feel a little too exposed for many home buyers.

As exceptional as the interior of the house may be, if the lot or the siting of the house is flawed, it affects the home’s value, and may not be a purchase you want to pursue.


Seeking the right fit

Most real estate agents look at 10 to 20 houses per week, and after working with many buyers and sellers, they get schooled on things like floor plans, locations, layouts, and neighborhoods. Over time, we can spot and flag potential trouble spots instantly.

Home buyers who are just starting their search can’t possibly know what to look for or even what to expect. Ask your agent to be on the lookout for things you shouldn’t ignore.




Source: Zillow Blogs


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