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OPEN HOUSES: Why You Should Go

After a seller decides to list their home, the real work begins. Usually the Seller’s agent will recommend some things to make the homes more appealing. Then, the open house.

Not everyone who attends an open house is looking to buy right that second.Here 3 tips on what to look for at an open house if you are will to devote your weekend to them.

  1. Learn from the listing agents: Would be sellers and neighbors represent a large portion of who comes to an open house. You can use the open house not only to see whats for sale but also learn about the market. Talk to the listing agent to get his or her take on the market. Most agents are aware of market changes before anyone else.
  2. Check out home design trends: Sellers generally want to put their best foot forward, so they redecorate. They probably rely heavily on their agent to suggest the latest trends and greatest looks. If you are planning to list your home and it needs some updating, maybe you aren’t sure how to start. Start by visiting some open houses and get some ideas.
  3. Get some referrals for contractors or designers: Want to be connected to a good local designer or contractor? Ask the agent selling the home if they can get you contact info. Getting a referral from a friend is great, but seeing the work up close and personal is better.

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